Ready with Sparkling Fresh Campervans to Make Your Next Road Trip More Comfortable

We have just been doing final maintenance on our campervans and motorhomes before we put them into storage in Christchurch for the winter so they can emerge sparkling fresh at the start of next season in September. It has been a fun season and we are now looking forward to having a bit of break and putting our feet up for a couple of months, turning the phone off and doing a bit of surfing.

I am really looking forward to importing a couple of new motorhomes later this year to add to the fleet from the UK. They are really clever designs that have 2 double beds in the back with a shower and toilet but don’t have the large unwieldy design of the motorhomes with the cab on the roof. This means you save money on petrol and don’t have such a big beast to drive around and try and park in tight places!!