Campervan Hire South Island NZ

If you are planning a road trip, you can’t choose a better destination that the South Island of New Zealand. The combination of magnificent landscapes, snow-topped mountains, secluded beaches, braided rivers, primeval rock formations and turquoise-blue lakes will make you remember your trip for the rest of your life. As well as encountering spectacular countryside daily, you will be enchanted by the abundant birdlife while exploring the native forests – prior to human habitation, New Zealand was mammal free meaning it was pest and predator free allowing birds to flourish and become the dominant species.

The simple and down-to-earth kiwis will further make your trip memorable by offering open hospitality wherever you go. As you have many things to see and do on the South Island, it is a great idea to plan the road trip in your own way, and you can put the money you save on hiring a campervan or motor home with CamperCo into one of the many activities and adventures on offer – such as cycling, jet-boating, skiing, skydiving and swimming with the dolphins. Simply pick the right campervan to explore the Island comfortably at your own pace and convenience.

At Camperco, we have built a base of happy clients by providing campervans specially designed to make sure you enjoy your road trip with worrying about the van and its features. As a seasoned campervan hire company specializing in the South Island, we understand the requirements of individual tourists vary, so we allow you to choose from 2-6 berth campers – all the time keeping things affordable and within budget. Regardless of your choice, you will get a vehicle that is fully equipped, well maintained, and advertising free.

Your road trip will become more comfortable and enjoyable by availing several additional facilities for free like insurance, 24 hours road side assistance, flexible pick up and drop off locations, and local airport/ferry transfers. Check out our selection of campers and motorhomes and explore the fabled South Island of New Zealand at your own pace and in your own way.

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