Comparing Campervan Insurance Options for Your South Island Road Trip

Your South Island will remain incomplete if you miss the remote beauty spots and special sites. As most of these special sites are located at long distance from civilization, you cannot rely on public transportation to exploring these destinations. However, reliable campervan hire South Island companies like Camperco makes it easier for visitors to explore these remote beauty spots by hiring a variety of motorhomes. Some of these campervans are as small as a car, whereas others a fully-equipped and well designed.

You can always consider booking a large camper to enjoy free camping by using its shower, toilet and kitchen. However, you must receive quotes from several campervan rental companies in South Island to hire a comfortable motorhome according to your budget. Normally, the quotes provided by different companies do not include insurance for the campervan. So you must compare campervan insurance options while comparing the quotes received from these companies.

Normally, the campervan rental companies allow customers to choose from three distinct insurance options, i.e., high risk, medium risk and no risk. The high risk insurance plan will require you to pay a bond without paying any daily charge additionally. As the bond is fully refundable, you can get the full amount back after returning the campervan without any damages. On the other hand, the medium risk insurance option will require you to pay a large bond, along with daily rates to cover certain damages or problems.

However, you can avoid paying a large bond by opting for no risk insurance option. The option will require you to pay an additional daily rate to cover the damages and problems. Most campervan hire South Island companies recommend customers to choose no risk insurance options. But there are still some South Island based campervan rental companies like Camperco that offer free insurance. The free insurance option makes it easier for you to explore South Island in a campervan without paying a large bond. The company further allows you to avail 24 hours roadside assistance to explore the remote beauty spots more safely.