Public Camping Spots You can Use during Your Christchurch Road Trip

The scenic beauty of Christchurch often encourages visitors to plan road trips. You can always consider camping at the remote beauty spots to explore the real New Zealand. During the road trip, you have option to camp at several public camping spots. So you must understand the public camping spots you can use while exploring Christchurch in a motorhome.

Holiday Parks or Campgrounds

The commercial camping spots will allow you to enjoy safe and comfortable camping. Based on your destination, you will find holiday parks that provide tent sites, cabins, or powered/unpowered motorhome sites. The tent site will allow you to pitch your tent on a patch of grass, whereas the motorhome sites can be used to park your campervan. However, you can use the campground facilities without paying any fees other than the cost the tent or motorhome space.

Campsites Managed by DOC

In New Zealand, over 250 public campsites are managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC). The campsites are constructed on the conservation land located in some of the most picturesque locations. The DOC runs these conservation sites on a trust basis. So the DOC does not deploy any onsite manager or staff. The campsites also offer only basic or minimal facilities required by campers. Some of these facilities can also be availed for free. But you can always avail the campsite and facilities without paying hefty fees.

Freedom Camping

Most international tourists believe that they can camp in any part of New Zealand for free. But the free camping is a widespread misconception. As the farmland, fields, paddocks and reserves are owned privately; you cannot camp or park your motorhome without the owner’s permission. The local councils have further marked such spots as no camping zone due to the activities and behavior of campers in past. However, you will still find many freedom camping sites where you can setup your tent or park the motorhome without paying any fees.

On the whole, the facilities and price of the public camping sites vary.  So you can always hire a campervan from one of the most reliable motorhome rental Christchurch companies to explore the scenic beauty of New Zealand at your own pace. Unlike public transportation in New Zealand, a motorhome will enable you to explore many remote beauty spots and special site. As the fully-equipped campervan will include kitchen, bathroom and shower, you can easily avoid incurring campsite cost.