How to Conserve Water in Your Motorhome while Camping in Christchurch

The clean, comfortable and fully-equipped motorhomes provided by reliable motorhome hire Christchurch companies like Camperco make it easier for you to explore Christchurch in a hassle-free way. But there are a number of factors that will affect your camping expedition negatively. You can get fresh water from any damp station or service station in the region of South Island. Also, you can drink the tap water without any health hazards. However, it is always important to understand some simple ways to conserve water while exploring Christchurch in a campervan.

While filling the tanks at a damp station or service station, you may not decide the quality and taste of the water. So it is always a good idea to carry a separate container of high quality drinking water. Thus, the water stores in the main tank can be used only for washing and flushing. There are several water filtration kiosks that fill your drinking water container without charging a hefty price.

You can further conserve water by washing your dishes properly. You can avoid rinsing dishes much by using vegetable-based dish soap. It is also a good idea to cook using pots and pans that can be cleaned easily. The dishes can be washed in a separate tub, and then the used dish water can be dumped down or outside the toilet to avoid additional flushes.

To preserve water, you also need to cook the meals properly. For instance, you can consider steaming instead of boiling the vegetables to save water. Likewise, you can consider preparing certain side dishes and sauces to save both water and time. The paper towels can be used to wipe the debris from your dishes before washing them.

While staying in a motorhome, you may even find shower to be a luxury. You have to shower outside the camper to prevent the tank water from becoming exhausted. Otherwise, you can consider taking a sponge bath to remain hygienic. It is also a good idea to save water by learning how to bath in the navy style.